About Us


Welcome to Salty Shoes. A surf lifestyle company. Not perfect but real. We like the ocean. No shoes, only salt water and dirt.

We started in late 2012, with the intention of providing you with something real and unique, made from  quality materials at affordable prices. Our garments are small seasonal limited releases, with the few exclusives found only online and in select stores. This means, once they are gone, they are gone forever, so if you get one - enjoy!

All our garments are hand made from start to finish. This means the fabric is cut and sewn by hand, then screen printed by hand, then folded and packed. It has been this way since the very beginning. Each item has been looked after and inspected - nice!

We want to provide you with something you dig and will dig for a long time, something unique and fun, and still affordable.
 We do our little part and donate to marine conservation groups too.

Anyway, this is us.
From all at salty.


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