Why Are We Doing Pre-sale?

If you were wondering why we did a pre-sale last time and why we are doing it again, we wanted to get this post up to let you know.

Well, reason is, we are still waiting for our next range to get in. We want our products to be the best quality and value for money we can make and we think the quality of our current tees can be even better, so we found a new manufacturer a few months ago, and started from scratch.

All our items are made by hand from start to finish, and we make sure all the factories where we get things made are really good, where employees are paid fairly and the factories have good working environments with good environmental practices. We go visit the factories ourselves to make sure they are all good.

Its taken us awhile to find ones we like, and because of that its made everything late this season.

We want to keep the ball rolling, so we have done a few pre-sales. We will only get the items made for people who order them online during pre-sale (except the sherpas). That way you get something unique and limited, and we still get to release products. Win Win.

Hope you enjoy and thanks as always for your support.

Salty :)



July 23, 2018

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