Who Is Keith Haring?

With the release of the Harro tees, you might be asking yourself, who is Keith Haring and why have we made a tee about his work?
Well the answer is, Keith Haring is one of our favourite artists, who's work has influenced a lot of what we do. We are making artist inspired tees every so often about people's work we dig, and influenced what we do, so we thought it fitting that this be the first one. His work has had a huge influence on modern culture. Not only because of its simplicity but because of the messages they say. A huge social advocate, his work was heavy in the New York street art scene and you can still see it being used  today. 
This tee was designed by one of our pals Luke Kennedy (@mynameislk) from Sydney, who does some great stuff!
Check them out ! Will benefit you we guarantee.
Keith 1
Keith 2

May 16, 2017

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