Salty Insight, Casey Peckio

Every so often we come across a creative that's doing that exact thing we love, Casey Peckio is a perfect example of exactly this. Casey has a very unique and eye-catching style, his minimalistic approach to his work is seen through the use of bright colours and clean lines.

We caught up with Casey to have a chat about what inspires him, how he found his start and what the future holds.

Name & Age:

Casey Peckio, 24 yrs old

Creative style in one word: 


How did you get your start with designing, when did it click that this was something you wanted to do?

I loved art, and realized I didn’t have the same passion for any of basic school subjects. It clicked in university that it was something I could truly be comfortable pursuing.

What do you enjoy doing outside the graphic design world?

I play soccer/football and within the past couple years I’ve gotten into trail ultra running which is anything beyond a marathon. That, alongside some hiking, although there isn’t much nearby. 


How do these other things help influence and inspire your design word? 

It helps influence me because design is a competitive world if you’re not trying, you’re not thriving. That and all of them influence me because I’m not in front of a screen forcing myself to be influenced or inspired. Things come naturally.


Seinfeld or Simpsons? 

Tough question, but I think overall I’ve found comedic genius with Seinfeld, although Simpsons is most certainly not far behind.




Creative people at times all go through stages of inspiration gaps, do you ever have these mental blocks, and if you do, how do you deal with them?

Absolutely, and the best approach I’ve learned is to not search for inspiration, but to step away from everything and do a cleanse to a certain degree. If I sit and try and force an idea, it tends to put me in a bigger hole than I previously was.


Who is someone you would be interested in working with in the future and what would you do if given the opportunity?

I would say one of the “Big” American skateboard companies, I’d love to do a series of decks. That has always been a small goal for me, although I didn’t realize it as an 8 year old well aware I wasn’t going pro. To have the skateboard industry still in my life means a lot to me because it was definitely my first introduction to artists putting imagery to products and me being sold on the art rather than the quality of the product. If given the opportunity I’d treat it like any other client, giving my everything into that project.


You’re a self-described outdoors enthusiast and there is some clear parallels between the character and style of the outdoors and your work, is this a source of inspiration for your work? If so what’s the best part about combining you two passions?

I would say outdoors is a direct correlation to most of my work. The reason I enjoy it so much is because I have to take something that puts life into perspective, it being the layers upon layers of mountains that stretch back as far as the eye could see for example, and I have to simplify it to a silhouette. I strive to do in my art what those ominous mountains do when walked upon, and that’s put things into perspective.




If someone asked you for recommendations for a day in New Jersey, where should they go and what should they do?

A day in New Jersey…Kind of tough, if we were in my neck of the woods which is basically the northern tip, I’d suggest a quick trip to New York City. If you were a bit more inclined to go away from the city I’d suggest one of the beaches along the coast of NJ since it’s so accessible. Although I wouldn’t tell you to go to Seaside unless you want to people watch for the day. 


Favourite movie?

Favorite movie is Big Fish - creativity and a great story all in one


Are there any routines you have to do to start the day?

I always start my morning with reading, it’s best I don’t immediately go to emails or designing to start the day. I give myself a chance to wakeup and reflect.



Favourite brand?

Favorite brand is Salty Shoes of course. US brand would be Belief.


Favourite artist?

Favorite Artist and biggest inspiration is Keith Haring


Favourite "thing" to draw?

National Parks - the challenge to simplify iconic scenery is something that always intrigues me


What does the future hold for you and what can we expect to see in the coming months?  

The future holds hopefully a job that surrounds me with other creative people so we could influence each other. I think that’s extremely essential in succeeding in a job. Expectations will continue to be me putting out work consistently and wanting to get better. 


April 23, 2018

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